Solstice – a sign??

I dunno, y’all. My Virgo sun Gemini rising soul is having Feelings about astrology right now.I love the idea of magic and mystery. I love meaningful rituals. I talk to trees. So I understand the urge to imbue everything with meaning, and I think it’s generally a beautiful human trait.But what’s the deal with all this planet nonsense? My instagram is lighting up like a Christmas tree over the upcoming summer/winter solstice and its accompanying planetary wonderments. This is the sign we need, apparently. Everything is about to turn around. This is a Powerful Time. Fuck yes it’s a powerful time. All the times are powerful times. And a global crisis like our current one has the power to galvanise us into action. And also we’re tired. We’re lonely. We’re broke. We’re scared. It makes sense we’d look for meaning wherever we can find it. But this whole ‘the stars align’ thing feels to me like what Jeff Brown calls “spiritual bypassing”. Maybe it’s just because astrology has never resonated for me, but I can’t help feeling that we’re missing the point.To me the point is that people for millennia have celebrated the turning of the year. The longest day of summer, the shortest day of winter. There’s something poignant and powerful about pausing to acknowledge the passing of time. To pause at the same time and breathe a sigh of relief that all things pass, that all things move, that we’re somehow still here. And there’s something beautiful about celebrating this like our ancestors did.But everything is sacred – the mundane too. Every day is laden with potential. We don’t have to look for promises in outer space. The promise is in the earth, in the heavy scent of summer and within our own brave hearts, carrying us through into a new day, every day.

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