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From a very young age I always felt for me to be a real artist one needed to work from life. (Plein Air)

A distant rumble of thunder, cumulus clouds gather swelling, growing in momentum on the horizon on a farm in the hot Northern Cape.
Delighted by the light on the clouds as the sun sets know we are in for a storm!
As I lie awake in the dark bedroom, I pull the curtain aside to see the heavens open and I revel in each lightning bolt as it lights up each raindrop.”

Memories like this remain at the core of my love for nature, clouds, the sky and the great outdoors.
Growing up…creating was my joy, in any form


Beth lives in Kommetjie, Cape Town. Her contact details for sales and workshops are 084 951 0709    and .

Married to someone in the construction industry we lived in Johannesburg, Cradock, Knysna and then moved to Kommetjie , where we’ve been settled for 21 years.)

After a dry period in my painting life I attended a workshop on portraiture from life and pleinair painting by a visiting American artist. I had pleinair painted on and off during the years but the fire had been reignited… I knew the only thing I needed was a french easel!

Since that purchase I have been out painting most days.  Afterall I do live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. From a very young age I always felt for me to be a real artist one needed to work from life. This is the tough route but I feel the most rewarding!

As I head out most days I am filled with the most amazing feeling of joy and excitement and anticipation of what nature  presents.

I am so fortunate that I am constantly inspired so that a good painting day makes me want to go out again and a bad one makes me want to go out and do better! I have found solutions to many of the problems one encounters pleinair painting.  I often have to pop a rock on my trusty easel and my converted golf umbrella is held down by guy ropes and tent pegs. My palette stays down with a permanent strap of duct tape. Some days I wonder if the village folk don’t say… “there’s that mad painter lady! “
I love capturing “events” , no matter how simple- like a rising super moon or a sardine run in the Kom or a New Year party in Stillbay. 
I manage to paint or draw wherever I am, I even have a sketch book in my handbag. I have a long suffering husband (well sometimes) as we lug my easel and paints wherever we go. 
When we travel I journal our entire trip always needing a few moments to capture the essence of the place or moment.  It’s amazing how well you remember each trip. 

I have my easel prepped and ready at the front door- ready to drop everything to dash out at the call of beautiful light dramatic cloudscapes or some kiteboarders painting the sky with their  bright colours. I have moments of panic that I do not have enough life left for all I need to learn but as Rudyard Kipling so beautifully expressed in  L Envoi.  Hopefully I shall eternally be splashing ten league canvases with brushes of comets hair. 

I continue to be inspired and absolutely love being out, sometimes even in the biggest storms. I even made it onto the BBC news, painting in the mother of all Cape storms.


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