Reasons to start Homesteading Today!

Some people believe homesteading requires you to buy a farm and go completely off grid. This is one form of homesteading but for many this is not what homesteading looks like. You can live a busy life and yet still take time to start living a simpler more fulfilled life. 

For me, homesteading is a return to the way things used to be done before the era of convenience and quick fixes. The best time to start working towards your goals is now and here are just a few reasons why I choose this life.

PEACE OF MIND – I made the commitment to turn my passion into my lifestyle. Now that I’ve decided to do exactly what I love to do, it’s been the most rewarding and fulfilling experience of my life. If you do what you love, success will follow. 

IT TASTES SO GOOD! – Home grown anything is just better and healthier than store bought hands down. 

SECURITY – Homesteading provides a measure of security. We keep a good supply of food on hand because when you grow / raise your own there is always surplus to preserve and gift or trade. We always have enough food to last for months and it is reassuring to know that the skills we possess also will carry us through hard times if need be. 

IT’S HARD WORK – In the era and times of instant gratification it’s ironic but we tend to lose ourselves. The Western culture is totally backwards in that goods of comfort that supposedly equate to happiness actually tend to make us feel less satisfied and fulfilled. It takes the darker times of struggle to appreciate the light and better times. To truly work hard for something and to struggle for something gives great satisfaction. An example is the loan I took for 9 goats in 2018. Three years later of tending to those goats I now have an (almost) registered stud herd and good source of income.  

THE BEST LIFE FOR A CHILD – Our daughter was surprised the first time she saw eggs in a carton in the shops, she didn’t understand how they got there! There is nothing better for a child than to be covered in dirt and looking after animals, learning compassion and some good life skills in the process. 

Homesteading will change your life. As you grow and raise your own food you never look at that food the same way again. Becoming more intentional in the way that we eat and live is one of the most empowering things a person can do. 

Tracey moderates for the popular Facebook group Self Sufficiency & Sustainable Living (South Africa).

Tracey Michau
Homesteading editor

Farming, gardening, growing food, canning, bottling, dehydrating, food preserving, off grid, recycling, zero waste, tips and tricks…inspiring each other.


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