Sunrise delivers mefrom a dark night of the soulwhen the past came to plunderand exhume the rotting corpseI thought long hiddenneath unconsecrated bone,And I relived the death of innocencethe pain and fearI could not give a name tothough the stain will mark my skinall the days of my life,I felt […]

“I am a self taught, universe taught artist dabbling in many different mediums. Primarily painting, poetry, sculpting, recently singing and of course gardening. My style is undoubtedly naïve and personal. I try to connect myself and others to the Earth and each other through images, forms and words. To communicate […]


From a very young age I always felt for me to be a real artist one needed to work from life. (Plein Air) “A distant rumble of thunder, cumulus clouds gather swelling, growing in momentum on the horizon on a farm in the hot Northern Cape.Delighted by the light on […]