“What have I learnt from nature? Absolutely everything… everything”. Nature is the best possible teacher. But living a sustainable lifestyle and growing your own food, isn’t always easy. There is a lot to learn, and it requires hard work. It certainly has it’s challenges. But the rewards make it all […]

One day in late 2016, in the early hours of a difficult night, I found myself lying on the couch weeping uncontrollably. I was trying to sob softly so as not wake anyone else, but my entire body kept sending me signals of panic and overwhelm that were hard to […]

I dunno, y’all. My Virgo sun Gemini rising soul is having Feelings about astrology right now.I love the idea of magic and mystery. I love meaningful rituals. I talk to trees. So I understand the urge to imbue everything with meaning, and I think it’s generally a beautiful human trait.But […]

Onlangs (3 November) kom die Amerikaanse presidensiële verkiesing tot n punt. ‘n Veldtog wat gekenmerk is deur ‘n bitter en venynige stryd tussen partye en persoonlikhede. Eintlik is die dinamika om ‘n hoogs sigbare gebeurtenis soos wat ons hier ervaar net ‘n spieëlbeeld van ons lewensondervinding  as mens. Woede, ongenaakbaarheid, […]