“A heartfelt thank you to our friend Dr. Anita Venter from the University of the Free State for supplying us with content for this article. For a number of years we have followed her ground-breaking hands on work with Natural Building as a solution to the inequalities and challenges facing […]

Homesteading is described as living in a self sufficient way. It is normally characterized by subsistence or small-scale chemical free agriculture, home preservation of foodstuffs, off the grid as much as possible and generally making and doing stuff for oneself. We are all not cut from the same cloth but […]

20 good reasons for turning your backyard into an Urban Farm and to grow your own food 1. Urban farming prevents produce from having to be cold-stored or transported hundreds of kilometers; hence it is healthier, more vitamin-dense and fresher. The carbon footprint is also lower. 2. In urban food […]