VAGABOND PA-17 G-BIHT A Vagabond is a light aircraft with a tail wheel configuration. More commonly known as a Tailgdragger. Notoriously more difficult to land as the ground handling requires the skills of a tap dancer to keep it from careening off the runway. Powered up by a 65hp Rolls […]

The underlying core value of our publication is to write inspiring and uplifting articles about ordinary people and the things that they do. We all have stories and sharing who we are and what we feel has been part of humanity since the dawn of our known history. I feel […]

You get old pilots, but never old, bold pilots.  So I know this old pilot who loved pheasant shooting nearly as much as he loved being aloft. To get the time to pursue both hobbies always proved difficult so whenever the opportunity presented itself and the conditions were good, he […]