“A heartfelt thank you to our friend Dr. Anita Venter from the University of the Free State for supplying us with content for this article. For a number of years we have followed her ground-breaking hands on work with Natural Building as a solution to the inequalities and challenges facing […]

Herb educational videos made available by the good people from Happy By Nature in the Mother City “A Cape Town based enterprise founded on the universal principle of happiness“ “Through a series of educational videos, we intend on listening, learning and creating with Nature, to nurture wellbeing and represent our […]

“What have I learnt from nature? Absolutely everything… everything”. Nature is the best possible teacher. But living a sustainable lifestyle and growing your own food, isn’t always easy. There is a lot to learn, and it requires hard work. It certainly has it’s challenges. But the rewards make it all […]

One day in late 2016, in the early hours of a difficult night, I found myself lying on the couch weeping uncontrollably. I was trying to sob softly so as not wake anyone else, but my entire body kept sending me signals of panic and overwhelm that were hard to […]

Leonora Venter – Urban Sketchers Johannesburg Sketching from life on location is nothing new – artists all over the world have been doing this for centuries. It was used to record travelling adventures, historical events, military operations, and scientific discoveries. The invention of photography freed artists to create whatever they […]

Colette Kemp is the founder of Terra Blossom Africa – a reforestation and riparian restoration research initiative in Greyton, who have established a number of pilot research sites that will one day become living examples of the value, and impact of conserving, and restoring riparian ecosystems (water-tolerant, micro-climate forming ecosystems) […]